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Titans Sports

The Tight End Club was formed years ago as a community of Varsity moms/step moms who meet weekly on Monday nights during the football season. For the past 15 years Coach Slaby has volunteered his time to review the game films, educate the moms/step moms on the sport, update us each week on the future games and offers guidance as a parent with a varsity football player.

The Tight End Club not only promotes camaraderie between the moms/step moms of the football players, it also

* Raises funds for the football program (raffles, donations, spirit wagon sales etc)
* Hosts spaghetti dinners on the evening prior to the game day
* Sells parent and family football attire and décor, to promote and spread TITAN SPIRIT
* Hosts pre game tailgate gatherings
* Launches helium balloons at the home games for the first touchdown
* Distributes green suckers to the players after each win
* Creates, compiles and gives the players a scrapbook of the season
* Provides food and drink after each away game for the players
* Coordinates communication, supports and appreciates the band and cheer squads

November 10, 2008

NOVEMBER 17th , 2008
Hi all,
     Thanks to all of you who were able to make it this evening.  Here are the happenings of the night… 
~Film…of the Almont game was viewed.  Frank said (in so many words) Kudos to the 2nd team for their efforts during the week…it’s their hard work that pays off for the 1st team to be able to play like they do.
~Pictures…of the game that were taken by Sid Potter were passed around.  If you would like to purchase one, you may for $2.00.
~Scrapbook…committee needs your pictures!  Please get them to Janie Chase, Terri McEldowney, Carrie Miller, and/or Dawn Russler.  Pictures can be of lots of different things:  tailgates, spaghetti dinners, spectators, house signs, families and their football player, etc.  They can be the actual photos or CD’s, but real photos are much easier for us to work with.  Remember…you will not get these back.
~Next year's committees...As in year's past, we are asking that the committee heads please write up a brief description of your responsibilities and any other notes, etc. that would be helpful for next year's chairs to work from.  Think of this as "How To" list.  Please get these to Sue Coolbaugh or Carolyn Ewing.  Sue and Carolyn haven’t received any of these as of yet….  Also, nominations are being sought for co-chairing the club.  If you are interested in Co-Chairing the Tight End Club for next year (2 moms are needed), please let Sue (206-5035) and/or Carolyn (768-4698) know.  These will be decided upon at the last Tight End Meeting of the year (hopefully the Monday after Ford Field!!!!!).
~50/50 Drawing…was won by Helen Jones.  Congrats!!
 ~Next week’s meeting….will be on Monday, November 24th at 7:00 PM.  We will meet regardless of the outcome of Saturday’s game…..everyone is encouraged to bring a snack and/or beverage to share for the meeting.
~Pre-sale tickets…will be here on Tuesday for the game on Saturday!  It’s always a good idea to call the school and confirm that the tickets are in before you make a special trip to the school.  Students do not get in free.  Everyone needs a ticket.  The cost is $6.00 per ticket.
~Game time…this Saturday is at 1:00 PM against Muskegon Oakridge at Battle Creek Central High School in Battle Creek.  Notice the site change…moved from Lansing Everett to Battle Creek Central.
~Craft…this week sported the theme “Titan Teamwork Over-Powers the Eagles! ”  Thanks to Sue Coolbaugh and Janette Ward for our craft.
~Spirit Wagon…if you need anything before Friday, let Susan and/or Carolyn know.  Look for a future email regarding the wagon this week.  It may be a school and open for sales on Thursday and/or Friday....
~Spaghetti Dinner…will be Friday, November 21st at.  Please be there by 11:45.  The boys will arrive around 12:30.  A sign-up sheet went around.  Even if you are not at the meetings, you can still sign-up to either help out or donate to the dinner.  Please contact Mary Nichols at 474-1790 if this is something you would like to do.  Thanks to the Lathers family for providing the Gatorade for this week’s spaghetti dinner.
~The Day of the game….the boys need to be at school at 9:45 AM.  If you want to pack something for your son to eat, MAKE IT LIGHT (snack bars, etc.)…not a full meal.
~Tailgate….before the game will begin around 11:00 in the parking lot behind the home side.  Please bring a dish to pass.  Come join the fun as we get ready for the big game!
~House Sign Alert…If it is NOT raining, please bring your house signs.  We can tape these along the fence surrounding the stadium.  Also, we will have balloons and pom-poms to give out.  Look for us (Sue and Carolyn) at or inside the gate.
~Half-Time Gatorade…will be taken care of by Carolyn Ewing and Lori Fouty.  Thanks ladies!!!
~Post-Game Meal…hosted by the Dawn Alger and company.  Hot dogs and such will be the main course.  Please bring “grabbie” items for the boys to take quickly.  Thanks to Dawn and anyone else who helps out at these after game meals.
That’s it for now!
Enjoy your week and see you at the game!
Terri McEldowney


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